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IT Industry

IT Industry

We are specialised in the Information & Technology industry.

Software Localization

Software Localization

We provide professional translations for all kind of software.

Scandinavian translations

Scandinavian translations

Our translations are mainly for English to Scandinavian.


AHR Information

AHR Information is primarily a Swedish service. We can, however, always extend our reach to include the other Scandinavian languages. In order to provide multilingual options, AHR Information is informally associated with similar services in other languages, including Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Hebrew and Russian.

- Scandinavian Localizations
- Swedish Localizations
- Danish Localizations
- Norwegian Localizations
- Finnish Localizations
- Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, French Localizations
- Hebrew Localizations
- русский язык Localizations

- Software Localizations
- Cloud Localizations
- ERP Localizations
- Analytics Localizations
- Big Data Localizations
- Databases Localizations


AHR Information


If you are looking to localize a product for the Swedish market, Ahr Information has more than 10 years of experience in localization of software, web material, technical documentation, telecommunication firmwares and presentations, and more. Many of the big players in these fields have relied on our fast service, high quality, competitive pricing, and technical know-how. The primary target is always the Swedish market. However, any project can be seamlessly extended to the other Scandinavian languages.


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